About Us

Our Nauman Educational Society established in the year 2006 with a view of providing quality educational facilities to the rural area pupil those who are coming from below poverty line.

In this connection our Society executive members are resolved that to start the Educational institutions such as General, Technical, Professional and Medical etc..

In the present Era, every Rural Area Poor pupil  also having keen interest on studies, but they are not continuing their higher studies at their villages / surrounding towns since they did not  bearable the expenses which is needed to stay at cities / towns.

In this connection, the educational institutions are to be established in the rural areas which is helpful to the rural area poor students to continue their higher studies at their native places.

Hence, our NAUMAN Educational Society had came forward to introduce a Elementary Level Teacher Education institution.

NAUMAN College of Elementary Teacher Education for  is being established to promote quality education research training in teacher training with a global perspective to meet the fast changing trends in the field of Advanced instructional technology.